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Focus points:
· Surf equipment
· Safety
· How to paddle
· Pop up
· Learning the rules

Focus points:
· Surf equipment
· Safety
· How to paddle
· Pop up
· Learning the rules

Focus points:
· Getting
comfortable in the
line up
· Turtle rolls
· Standing on white
water waves
· Learn to stand
balacing body

Focus points:
· Positioning to cath
waves by yourself
· Using the weight of
your head while
paddling to go with
the wave
· Learn the right
timing to paddle for
a wave
· Dropping down the
way without falling

Focus points:
· The basics of wave
· Anticipating
direction of the wave
· Angling the take off
· Accelerating and
slowing down in your
· Trimming vs Carving

Able to:
· Paddle through the
· Paddle into
unbroken waves
· Angle the take off
· Draw the line right or

Focus on:
· Generating speed on
a wave
· Improve the
· Improve the stance
· The bottom turn

Focus on:
· Understanding
manouver desition
· How to do cutbacks
· How to do floaters
· How to do turns

You can do all or just
a few on the list:
· Vertical snaps
· Get barreld
· Thowing the fins
· Laybacks
· Tail slides
· Airs

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From beginner to advanced+, all levels are covered by our expert coaches

How we


It's normal to feel like you're "in between" the levels pictured above, as every surfer progresses at their own pace.

These levels help you determine how our coaching will guide you through your needs, and support you with technical improvements we will focus on during your stay.

With our comprehensive video analysis from both water and air perspectives, you'll have every angle covered to identify areas for improvement.

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer, our expert coaches are here to help you elevate your skills and fun.
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Surf, Yoga & Gym

We harmonize body & spirit by blending surfing with yoga, ice bath calming exercises, and wellness programs. Gym surf training builds physical and mental resilience, fostering confident and mindful ocean engagement.

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a woman learning her fist surfing lesson

Qualified coaching

We maintain the highest standards with the guidance of our master coaches. Through uniform coaching, all instructors ensure consistently high-quality surf lessons. Expect nothing but excellence across all our Marshmellow Surf Camps.

Surf theory

Embark on a comprehensive journey into surf theory with safety as our foremost concern. Newbie progress from day one, perfecting your pop-up, refining balance, and mastering the bottom turn are all extensively studied at our surf retreats.

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Drone equipment for recording surfing

Technological equipment

Experience rapid improvement in our surf retreats with HD video analysis. Utilize cutting-edge technology like DJI drone shots and GoPro footage for insights. Elevate skills from beginner to advanced levels and accelerate progress.

Skill-level surf groups

We group surf lessons by skill level, ensuring each student receives tailored coaching alongside peers of similar abilities for
consistent quality. Surfboard is included and improving is guaranteed.

A group of people is briefing and practicing a surfing lesson

Level 1:

beginner surf


Our surf coaches will carefully look at your technique, making sure you avoid picking up any bad habits and that you nail the basics, so you can level up faster.

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Never surfed before.

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Will focus on:

- Paddling methods
- Essential surfing gear
- Safety measures
- Surfing rules
- Getting through the
- Standing up on a
- Depending on your
progress, you may
also practice your
stance, catching
green waves, and
even beginning to

A group of people is briefing and practicing a surfing lesson
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Surfed a few times before, but still find the basics challenging

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Will focus on:

- Reviewing the basics for
beginner surfers (same as
level 1.1)
- Improving your take off &
paddling techniques
- Working on your surfing
stance to gain more balance
- Learning to catch unbroken
- Improving your positioning to
catch more unbroken waves
- Learning the basics of
slowing down & accelerating
- Learning to angle your take
off to go either left or right

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Can stand up and go straight on a wave, with decent control.

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Will focus on:

- Reviewing fundamental
techniques for novice surfers
(equivalent to levels 1.1 & 1.2).
- Mastering the skill of
catching unbroken waves.
- Enhancing wave-reading
proficiency to identify
higher-quality waves.
- Refining positioning
strategies for increased
- Learning to angle take-offs
for both left and right
- Improving stance dynamics
for enhanced
- Grasping the principles of
trimming on a wave for
optimal performance.

Level 2:

intermediate surf


The more you surf, the more you fall in love with it. This coaching is all about pinpointing those crucial tweaks in your technique that can really step up your surfing game.

intermediate surf lesson no wetsuite
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Can paddle past the break,
catch unbroken waves and
go left & right on the face of
the wave.

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Will focus on:

· Generating speed on a wave
· Enhancing your
wave-reading ability
· Choosing the right
equipment for specific
· Mastering duck dives
· Improving your stance for
better mobility
· Learning the basics of
bottom turns and top turns

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With a good control on the
surfboard & able to change
directions. Eager to practice
cutbacks, generating speed, etc.

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Will focus on:

· Increasing your ability to
generate speed on various types
of waves
· Enhancing your positioning to
catch better waves at the
optimal take-off spot
· Mastering duck dives
· Improving your bottom turns
through technical analysis of
how you propel yourself towards
the wave’s face
· Refining your top turns with a
focus on positioning, upper body
rotation, rail-to-rail transition,
and more
· Learning or improving your
· Depending on your skill level,
mastering floaters, re-entries
(snaps), or roundhouse cutbacks

Level 3:

Advanced surf


Even as a highly experienced surfer, you may still have a few things that are bugging you. Our video analysis sessions with expert coaches will make all the difference.

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The board and you are one.
Just need to perfect a few
things to be 100% happy.

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